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Breath of Dreams (turn sound on and press play to hear)

This current work on glass embodies the notion of capturing fleeting moments, old memories, and poignant feelings much like a visual poem. Each work is, in fact, accompanied by a poem and sound created from a combination of the world around her as well as music. Incorporating sound brings an extra sensory component to the work making it more interactive and emphasizing the idea that art is a multi-sensory experience. Each work is a feeling, memory, or moment in time toward becoming, as we all are at any given point. Breath of Dreams emphasizes this thought that what we speak helps to define us and how our searching itself shapes us and leads us to those we’re meant to meet and to our own authentic selves. The sound here includes the voice of the artist’s fiancé talking about a dream upon waking paired wind chimes from a community garden in NYC (an enchanted respite from the city life in a city where dreams are both born and broken). 

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