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Life (turn sound on and press play to hear)

glass, wax, found objects 14” x 7”  (sound: Deacon on Piano + Colby playing guitar)

December 2020


Rachel Veal 



Breaking out, opening up, stepping through, light, curiosity, breath, births, all things possible, 

all things new


the beginning


stumbling, falling, hurting healing, reaching, grabbing, finding, 



weddings, births, deaths

saying goodbye and hello


learning, dreaming, believing, laughing, loving, 

me and him, you and her, me and you


break ups, heart aches, true love at last


moving, moving out, moving on, moving forward


the middle


moments cherished, moments remembered, rocking chairs, living rooms, porch swings, 

more births, more weddings, more deaths, goodbyes that serve as reminders, holding hands


looking forward to 


the end 


when all things are new again. 

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